August 16

Camp Wyuna Recount

Camp was so fun and we did so many things, the first active we did was beach survivor in that we had to work as a team we also did running, jumping and crawling witch was really fun.

The next thing we did was go to the marine discovery centre, it was a five minute work from the camp, we learnt about plastic, animals and how there body works it was interesting.

After that we had free time and in my free time I played Ga-Ga and myself Tommy and Amman created a team called china and china made it to the finals.

  The next day we went bike riding and I was the wing man, we did about five km it was really fun but we had to wit for some people but that was okay.

A bit later we made pizza first we made the duo with flower, water, sugar, salt and yeast. After that we let the pizza set for a bit than we put the toppings on top after that we put it in the oven for one minute and than we ate it.

Later we did team initiatives, we did some games and trust games after that we did rock climbing on a very big wall than we went on a sea saw we had to balance our weight.

Camp was the BEST!!!   

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July 25

Sentence fluency

I went to the park and played on the swings.Then I jumped on the trampoline with the other kids but I got really dirty so I went home to change.

Exercise is good for you, it gives you energy and is a way to work off stress. Also it can make your body stronger. That is why everyone should excises.


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June 29

100 Word

Look the Easter bunny came it left some Easter eggs for as I am going to eat them all before my family wakes up. My mum and dad are not happy with me.

So I run around the house so my parents could not catch me.

I keep eating the eggs why I am running so no one else could not get any eggs or anything to do with it.

My mum and dad coiner me in my room and I have to give them some of the chocolates.

I am so disappointed. I wish I had all the chocolates.


June 29

The Equator

Why is it warmer near the equator?

Have you ever wonder why it is warmer near the equator, and other things about the equator like what is the equator and where did the equator get its name from.

The equator is an imaginary line around the middle of the planet. It runs across the widest part of the earth, it divides earth into two equal parts, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. The equator is at 0º degrees latitude at the centre of the earth. Scientists estimate that the equator geos for about 24,902 miles around the earth.

The equator took its name from span because span is located near the equator. It took its name in 1830. The Spanish call it ‘’el Ecuador’’. The Equator was discovered and mapped out by a French geodesic expedition team that was led by an explorer named Charles-Marie de La Condamine in the year 1736. It is identified as the latitude that falls at the point that is equidistant from the North Pole and the South Pole.

The reason it is warmer near the equator is because of the earths direct angle and because of earths seasons and the equator revises energy from the sun. Countries that are further north or south of the equator experience a change in seasons.  Because the sun is always directly overhead at the equator.

Every time they measure the equator around the earth it is around the same size 149, 6000,000 km. The first person to measure the equator was Cassini in 1672. Earths orbits is 100000 times closer than Oost cloud. The Oost cloud is a layer of icy objects that are in the solar system.

When sailors cross the equator they have a tradition for all sailors and when they cross they hold ceremonies and they also become a part of a club, they can chose if they won’t to become a part of the club because some people might not want too. Those who have never “crossed the line” are known as “pollywogs”.

These are most of the facts about the equator I hope you learned something new about the equator and how the equator works and much more to learn about the equator.

This is the equator effecting how the sun gets to earth and how the seasons effect the weather too.
This is the equator and it is showing how it works with the sun and how it works with the two poles the North Pole and the South Pole.



Hemisphere: a half of the earth, usually as divided into northern or southern halves by the equator.

Misconceptions: a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on fault thinking or understanding

Ceremony: a formal religious or public occasion achievement of something.

Rituals: a religious ceremony consisting of a sires of actions by order.

Voyage: a long journey involving travel by sea or space.

Rigorous: extremely thorough and carful.

Equator: an imaginary line around the earth separating earth into the North Pole and South Pole.

Latitude: the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth’s equator.

Accurate: capable of or successful in reaching the intended target.

Elaborate: detailed and complicated in design and planning.

Specific: clearly defined or identified.








June 28

100 Word Challenge

There I was with the ball in footy to win the grand  final we had one minute left.

Although I ran quickly I was still not making enough progress to kick the goal so I had to try to run faster and faster.

There was five seconds left I was 75 out from goal so I bombed it and we won the grand final I felt so good an happy.

After the game I was called man of the mach I was so happy so was everyone else. They were yelling so loud and they wouldn’t stop. It was the best.



June 27

100 Word Challenge

There I was doing my job at the zoo at night being a zoo keeper and just looking around like anyone would. But then a lion jumped out of no where and I was so  shocked, I just did not know what to do at he time.

So I drooped the torch and ran as fast as I could and I had to call animal control.

Then ended up coming as fast as the could. They came and they said to me it is just a    statue couldn’t you see that I was so stupid. I walked home very stupid.

June 25

100 Word Challenge


It had been raining all night and I am so happy because when it is raining I play the best footy and I take some really good marks hopefully I can do one to day. So I get ready to go.

We just leave and it takes as five minutes to get to the footy and I say to my mum ”it had been raining all night and that is why I am going to take an amazing mark.

It is starting to rain now and that is even better.

We get caught up in so much boring traffic.


June 22

100 Word Challenge

I’m so excited for today. you are probable  wondering why. Because my parents are buying me a bike for my birthday and I cant wait for it is coming today.

I am going out for lunch and my older sister is going to stay home for my bike.

Where just finished lunch it was so good, now we are heading home and hopefully my bike is at home.

”When did it arrive?” I said at my sister. 

This is the coolest bike I have ever seen in my whole life. Thank you so much, all of you.

I’m so happy.

June 21

100 Word Challenge

One day there was a really cheeky girl named Emma and she would do what ever she wanted to do but one day she did the worst thing ever. And however, she could not believe what she had done.

She got in her mothers car and accidentally hit here mum. And she could not get her dad he was in Russia to watch the world cup and over there it was the middle of the night. My dad never picks up his phone in the night, never.

She had no idea what to do so she did nothing at all.


June 20

100 Word Challenge

Hey look at that!

That is a pretty cool and amazing sculpture. Maybe a police office would use that  gun or something like that. I wonder how it got bent like that maybe a car run over it or maybe someone twisted it or something I do not know I wish I did know.

Maybe it was mad like that. I think I have seen these in a book I think I just can not remember. Maybe it was shout down from anther planet or something like that. I think I should check the Internet on my  really fancy computer.