September 20

100 Word Challenge

The two hands are holding the most dangerous stick in the universe. I need to get that sick in high security so it will never harm anyone again. It is not going to be easy I am going to have to try really hard to make sure no one sees me if  they do I will be in jail for a life time. Because I am stealing one of the most famous land mark in the world but they don’t  no the power but they think it is good power but it is not good power at all not all.


June 29

The Equator

Why is it warmer near the equator?

Have you ever wonder why it is warmer near the equator, and other things about the equator like what is the equator and where did the equator get its name from.

The equator is an imaginary line around the middle of the planet. It runs across the widest part of the earth, it divides earth into two equal parts, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. The equator is at 0º degrees latitude at the centre of the earth. Scientists estimate that the equator geos for about 24,902 miles around the earth.

The equator took its name from span because span is located near the equator. It took its name in 1830. The Spanish call it ‘’el Ecuador’’. The Equator was discovered and mapped out by a French geodesic expedition team that was led by an explorer named Charles-Marie de La Condamine in the year 1736. It is identified as the latitude that falls at the point that is equidistant from the North Pole and the South Pole.

The reason it is warmer near the equator is because of the earths direct angle and because of earths seasons and the equator revises energy from the sun. Countries that are further north or south of the equator experience a change in seasons.  Because the sun is always directly overhead at the equator.

Every time they measure the equator around the earth it is around the same size 149, 6000,000 km. The first person to measure the equator was Cassini in 1672. Earths orbits is 100000 times closer than Oost cloud. The Oost cloud is a layer of icy objects that are in the solar system.

When sailors cross the equator they have a tradition for all sailors and when they cross they hold ceremonies and they also become a part of a club, they can chose if they won’t to become a part of the club because some people might not want too. Those who have never “crossed the line” are known as “pollywogs”.

These are most of the facts about the equator I hope you learned something new about the equator and how the equator works and much more to learn about the equator.

This is the equator effecting how the sun gets to earth and how the seasons effect the weather too.
This is the equator and it is showing how it works with the sun and how it works with the two poles the North Pole and the South Pole.



Hemisphere: a half of the earth, usually as divided into northern or southern halves by the equator.

Misconceptions: a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on fault thinking or understanding

Ceremony: a formal religious or public occasion achievement of something.

Rituals: a religious ceremony consisting of a sires of actions by order.

Voyage: a long journey involving travel by sea or space.

Rigorous: extremely thorough and carful.

Equator: an imaginary line around the earth separating earth into the North Pole and South Pole.

Latitude: the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth’s equator.

Accurate: capable of or successful in reaching the intended target.

Elaborate: detailed and complicated in design and planning.

Specific: clearly defined or identified.








May 22

Dogs VS Cats

My opinion is that dogs are way better than cats.

Have you ever been sad or lonely?

My first reason is that dogs can make you happy when your sad. When you are sad a dog can cheer you up because you can play with them. When your older you can play with them. When you are lonely you can get a dog and they will make you happier. When you are away dogs can protect your home.

My house  got broken into and we wish we had a dog. Dogs can protect your house by making the robber scared. A cat will not do anything because they will be scared.

My last reason is that you can excise with your dog. When you excise your both getting healthy. When you run with your dog they will push you harder. You cant excise with cats.

These are all the reasons why dogs are better than cats they can keep you happy, they can protect your house and you can excise.

May 11

What a mess

I’m Adam and I’m really messy at home and at school  and I really don’t care. My mum tells me everyday to clean up my room and I don’t listen and I also ignore her. I also get in trouble at school and I get the worst punishment like more homework and  I can’t play at play time.

One afternoon I got home from school and I was in so much trouble because my mum went into my room and she saw I had a pet in there. I will tell you these it was not pretty. The punishment was not good i didn’t get pocket money and no form of technology.

And the worst thing was I had to clean the whole house. It takes a whole day for my mum to do it but I have to go to school as well as doing house work. So it is going to take me forever to do it.

And if I don’t do I get extra homework and I get a bigger ban on the technology and pocket money. So I start cleaning all the rooms except my room. And then I start doing the bathrooms it was toxic.

I do everything thing except my room and it was the final challenge doing my room so I start with the cloths and the food scrapes. And that took hours and that was so disgusting.

My mum said to me ” did you learn your lesson ” ?

I reply ” one hundred percent yes”.

I finally learned my lesson so I will never be mess again.

PS  I still have the snake.