May 22

Dogs VS Cats

My opinion is that dogs are way better than cats.

Have you ever been sad or lonely?

My first reason is that dogs can make you happy when your sad. When you are sad a dog can cheer you up because you can play with them. When your older you can play with them. When you are lonely you can get a dog and they will make you happier. When you are away dogs can protect your home.

My house  got broken into and we wish we had a dog. Dogs can protect your house by making the robber scared. A cat will not do anything because they will be scared.

My last reason is that you can excise with your dog. When you excise your both getting healthy. When you run with your dog they will push you harder. You cant excise with cats.

These are all the reasons why dogs are better than cats they can keep you happy, they can protect your house and you can excise.

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