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Breaking News Stories that are coming up next why and how Bob went to Uranus. How the weather smashes through the suburbs. And we talk to disappointing Lions and ask them how they felt.

That is all coming up next on nine news. 

Ned’s it is time to bet on Adelaide to smash Collingwood if your team is first to fifty you win. Gamble Responsibly. 

Okay were back to nine news and we have just found out why Bob went to a different plant. He went to find his alien brother we will never see him again.

The weather has a big impact on footy at the MCG with the Tigers VS Lions.

We are now speaking to Dane Zorko he said ” we have a lot to work on and hopefully we can get better.”

Now we speak to the number one draft pick Cameron Ranery  he says ” we have a lot to work on and hopefully we can make it in the top eight and win more games.


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