May 11

What a mess

I’m Adam and I’m really messy at home and at school  and I really don’t care. My mum tells me everyday to clean up my room and I don’t listen and I also ignore her. I also get in trouble at school and I get the worst punishment like more homework and  I can’t play at play time.

One afternoon I got home from school and I was in so much trouble because my mum went into my room and she saw I had a pet in there. I will tell you these it was not pretty. The punishment was not good i didn’t get pocket money and no form of technology.

And the worst thing was I had to clean the whole house. It takes a whole day for my mum to do it but I have to go to school as well as doing house work. So it is going to take me forever to do it.

And if I don’t do I get extra homework and I get a bigger ban on the technology and pocket money. So I start cleaning all the rooms except my room. And then I start doing the bathrooms it was toxic.

I do everything thing except my room and it was the final challenge doing my room so I start with the cloths and the food scrapes. And that took hours and that was so disgusting.

My mum said to me ” did you learn your lesson ” ?

I reply ” one hundred percent yes”.

I finally learned my lesson so I will never be mess again.

PS  I still have the snake.   

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