Animals in Cages


I believe that it is cruel to keep animals in cages. Because they need the ability to move around. They don’t  have the ability to do what they wont to do. And people could steel them.

My first reason is that all animals need to move around and exercise. If they don’t they could get unwell and sick. When that don’t move around there heat rate slows dawn.

My second reason is that animals should have the ability to do what they won’t. When animals don’t have the ability to do what they won’t to do they get mad. When they don’t get there way they won’t to escape.

My third reason is that people can steel the animals. If they take that animals it is possibly they can be abused. If they get stolen you will get upset. They could also go to the pound.

This is why you should not keep animals in cages, they need to move around, they should be free and someone could steel them.

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  1. hi i think maybe don’t use a GIF or at least change it for something suitable for parents who want to send their children to our school

  2. i liked the bit were you put the angry thing and it was mad at you for spending a lot of money on dying my hear purple

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