Books VS TV

I believe that books are better that watching  TV all the time.

My first reason is that when you read books you learn from it unlike TV  that dose not help you. If you read texts they can help you when you are in a test. Books can improve everything in gramma.

If you watch to much TV it can effect you learning unlike books it helps your learning. Learning is how you do everything in life. If you watch too much TV  your eyes can go square and they will heart your eyes. If you don’t learn you won’t have a job and any money to do anything.

My third reason is that books can help you with anything unlike TV it won’t help you much. If you read a lot of books you can get a good job and a good  educational. If you watch TV for hours everyday it will not help you with much. Books help learning even if it is  a short book.

My last reason is that books can always help you in life. When you are older are you going to read books? These are all the reasons why books are better than TV  books can help with learning is very important.       

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