May 16

Breaking News Stories

Breaking News Stories that are coming up next why and how Bob went to Uranus. How the weather smashes through the suburbs. And we talk to disappointing Lions and ask them how they felt.

That is all coming up next on nine news. 

Ned’s it is time to bet on Adelaide to smash Collingwood if your team is first to fifty you win. Gamble Responsibly. 

Okay were back to nine news and we have just found out why Bob went to a different plant. He went to find his alien brother we will never see him again.

The weather has a big impact on footy at the MCG with the Tigers VS Lions.

We are now speaking to Dane Zorko he said ” we have a lot to work on and hopefully we can get better.”

Now we speak to the number one draft pick Cameron Ranery  he says ” we have a lot to work on and hopefully we can make it in the top eight and win more games.

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May 11

What a mess

I’m Adam and I’m really messy at home and at school  and I really don’t care. My mum tells me everyday to clean up my room and I don’t listen and I also ignore her. I also get in trouble at school and I get the worst punishment like more homework and  I can’t play at play time.

One afternoon I got home from school and I was in so much trouble because my mum went into my room and she saw I had a pet in there. I will tell you these it was not pretty. The punishment was not good i didn’t get pocket money and no form of technology.

And the worst thing was I had to clean the whole house. It takes a whole day for my mum to do it but I have to go to school as well as doing house work. So it is going to take me forever to do it.

And if I don’t do I get extra homework and I get a bigger ban on the technology and pocket money. So I start cleaning all the rooms except my room. And then I start doing the bathrooms it was toxic.

I do everything thing except my room and it was the final challenge doing my room so I start with the cloths and the food scrapes. And that took hours and that was so disgusting.

My mum said to me ” did you learn your lesson ” ?

I reply ” one hundred percent yes”.

I finally learned my lesson so I will never be mess again.

PS  I still have the snake.   

May 11

Books VS TV

I believe that books are better that watching  TV all the time.

My first reason is that when you read books you learn from it unlike TV  that dose not help you. If you read texts they can help you when you are in a test. Books can improve everything in gramma.

If you watch to much TV it can effect you learning unlike books it helps your learning. Learning is how you do everything in life. If you watch too much TV  your eyes can go square and they will heart your eyes. If you don’t learn you won’t have a job and any money to do anything.

My third reason is that books can help you with anything unlike TV it won’t help you much. If you read a lot of books you can get a good job and a good  educational. If you watch TV for hours everyday it will not help you with much. Books help learning even if it is  a short book.

My last reason is that books can always help you in life. When you are older are you going to read books? These are all the reasons why books are better than TV  books can help with learning is very important.       

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May 11

It is cruel to keep animals in cages


I believe  that it is cruel to keep animals in cages. Because they need the ability to move around. They don’t  have the ability to do what they wont to do. And people could steel them.

My first reason is that all animals need to move around and exercise. If they don’t they could get unwell and sick. When that don’t move around there heat rate slows dawn.

My second reason is that animals should have the ability to do what they won’t. When animals don’t have the ability to do what they won’t to do they get mad. When they don’t get there way they won’t to escape.

My third reason is that people can steel the animals. If they take that animals it is possibly they can be abused. If they get stolen you will get upset. They could also go to the pound.

This is why you should not keep animals in cages, they need to move around, they should be free and someone could steel them.

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